The Texas Band of Yaqui Indians

"Lios Em Chaniavu"

Welcome to the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians, a State Recognized Tribal Group under Resolution S.R.#989. Our mission is to preserve the Culture and Traditions passed down to us by our Mountain Yaqui Ancestors. All Proof of Yaqui Indian Ancestry is filed with this office of the State of Texas.

*Notice: Enrollments are now Closed and are not accepting applications due to our filing with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.*

Resolution S.R.# 989 signed by the Texas Senate Recognizing the Texas Yaqui's

Mountain Yaqui's in Texas, photo archived on this link.

Our Ancestors suffered for us so we may have a better future. We cannot fade away like other cultures but bring awareness that we are still here, We are Hiaki!    Izzy Taawe Ramirez

Our people are like wo'i the coyote, We can appear and disappear when we need to. The Yori could not conquer us, They could not Capture us.